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DAF AUDITON New Season 2019-2020

DAF AUDITON New Season 2019-2020

#DafProfessional 1st June – 12am
-PROFESSIONAL 1 Training Program for dancers from 14 to 17
-PROFESSIONAL 2 Training Program for dancers from 18 to 23

“Audition for the Daf professional training program, Italian excellence internationally recognized as a crucial resource for the education and growth of the artistic potential of the future dancer a unique journey, a concrete opportunity to get to know and deepen the technique, styles, and visions of artists from all over the world”

The selections are free

INFOLINE:+39 393 9162871

#DanceArtsFaculty, an exclusive international center based in Rome for the start-up and professional improvement of dance, conceived through a European project, offers an exclusive innovative and transversal teaching program that involves some of the most famous exponents of the international ballet scene, both in the role of teachers and in that of advocates of future job opportunities for those admitted to the project.

Since 2009, the Daf system has redefined and rewritten the idea of training and improvement for young dancers in Italy, tracing a path never travelled before, a window and an operational contact with the international contemporary scene and professional networks, currently a recognized model and appreciated in Europe and in the world.
Dancers from different continents have found in our programs a solution for functional technical and artistic growth to a dance system that is increasingly attentive to the maturity and completeness of the dancer

Daf addresses its international study program to students who wish to pursue a professional career through a project that is a real synthesis of artistic and cultural expression of the contemporary world. Daf was born as a path of profound education of the dancer and it creates professional paths, aimed at deepening and perfecting their artistic experience from a soon to come professional perspective. The exclusive prerogative of DAF throughout the Italian territory is the presence of an international network started up with Directors, Theaters and dance companies with whom, for many years now, we have started a fruitful relationship and a widespread and constant presence within the program of study.
The guest artists are involved in a wide-ranging process where they, as well as being invited to the realization and subsequent staging of an original creation on a monthly basis, are also occupied as teachers of their technique for all students of the professional path in classes dedicated to them.

In the first 10 years alone, over 100 different artists including teachers, dancers, choreographers, and conductors have participated within the professional project and at the end of each academic year a selection of theatre directors and professional companies are called to sit at an evaluation committee where for 3 consecutive days students are observed and selected to start the next step in their professional life.
The birth of this network of companies connected in a constant and active way to the professional project stimulates an important factor linked to motivational mechanisms and the awareness of finalization of the study period, acting as an incubator of new and concrete job opportunities.
The study programs provide the opportunity for students to get in touch and to work along with the dancers of Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, a resident company and excellence of contemporary Italian and international dance.

In its weekly program, the Daf improvement project is articulated through a dense cycle and a continuous rotation of choreographic and didactic modules, completing the schedule with complementary subjects and special projects.
the daily program starts with a classical dance class to follow techniques and creative workshops on choreographic composition, floor work, partnering work, contact improvisation, contemporary technique and repertoire of important international companies, technical study and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet repertoire, monthly residencies for originals creations through a selection among some of the most important and innovative choreographers on the national and international scene, Project HE(ART) aware elaboration from gesture to movement, hatha yoga for dancers, qi gong, postural gymnastics, master stretch, urban dance study and technique, digital technologies for entertainment, cinema and new media, electronic music, body awareness, bioenergetics, anatomy, physiotechnics.

This is a list, that we constantly update, of the companies and theatres with which it has been realized for years a selection of students of our professional training program.
Active collaboration with some realities of the European scene created for our students, in order to facilitate the beginning of their professional career:
-Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Italy)
-Malandain Ballet Biarritz (France)
-Gaertnerplatztheater (Germany)
-Proartedanza (Canada)
-Thomas Noone Dance (Barcelona)
-Company Chameleon (England)
-Teatro di Trier (Germany)
-420people Dance Company (Czech Republic)

Some of the extraordinary guests who collaborate for the DAF professional project:

ADRIANA POUS (Dantzaz) ADI SALANT(Freelance Artist) ALEX KETLEY (The Foundry) ALLAN FALIERI (Freelance Artist) ANA MARIA LOCACIU (Freelance Artist) ANTHONY MISSEN (Company Chameleon) ARTEMIS GORDON (Dance Umbrella) CAROLINE FINN (National Dance Company Wales) CHRISTINE JOY ALPUERTO (Freelance Artist)CHRISTOPHER ROMAN (Dance On) DARREL TOULON (Freelance Artist) DIDY VIELDMAN (Freelance Choreografer) DOR MARMALIA (Zibbutz Dance Company) EDUARDO ANDRES ZUNIGA (Freelance Artist) EDWARD CLUG (Ballet Maribor) EMANUEL GAT (Emanuel Gat Dance) EMANUELE SOAVI (Freelance Artist) FRANCESCA FRASSINELLI (Freelance Choreographer) GAEL DOMENGER (Freelance Choreographer) GEORG REISCHL (Freelance Choreographer) GUSTAVO RAMIREZ SANSANO (Freelance Choreographer) HEIDI VIERTHALER (Freelance Artist) HILLEL KOGAN (Batsheva Ensemble) MAURO ASTOLFI (Spellbound Contemporary Ballet) IVGI&GREVEN (Freelance Artists) IRATXE ANSA (Freelance Choreographer) IVAN TRUOL (Compagnia Atacama) LUCA SIGNORETTI (Freelance Artist) KARL ALFRED SCHREINER (Staatstheater am Gartnerplatz) KEREN ROSENBERG (Freelance Artist) LEO LERUS (Freelance Artist) LINDSEY TELFORD (Freelance Choreographer) LORENA NOGAL NAVARRO (Freelance Artist) LOTTE SIGH (Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School/Royal Danish Ballet) LUKAS TIMULAK (Freelance Choreographer) JOERI ALEXANDER DUBB (Freelance Choreographer) MARCO CANTALUPO (Linga Company) MARCOS MARAU (La Veronal) MARINA MASCARELL (Freelance Choreographer) NAOMI PERLOV (Maslool Bikurei Hai Tim Arts Center) NATALIA HORECNA (Freelance Choreographer) NOA GELBER (Freelance Artist) ( NOA WEIRTHEIM (Vertigo Dance Company) RINA WEIRTHEIM (Vertigo Dance Company) ROBERT KARLSSON (Norrdans) RODERICK GOERGE (Freelance Choreographer) ROSER LOPEZ ESPINOSA (Choreographer/Performer) SAGI AMIR GROS (Freelance Artist) SANDRA MARIN GARCIA (Freelance Artist) SARA ANGIUS (Freelance Artist) SHIRLEY ESSEBOOM (Freelance Artist) SHUMPEI NEMOTO (Freelance Choreographer) THOMAS NOONE (Thomas Noone Dance) VAKLAV KUNES (420PEOPLE) VLADIMIR VARNAVA (Freelance Choreographer) XANTE VAN OPSTAL (Freelance Artist) ]