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D4 by DAF Dance Arts Faculty

D4 by DAF Dance Arts Faculty

4 visions of international contemporary dance.

Batsheva Dance Company
Netherland Dans Theater
Spellbound Contemporary Ballet
Kidd Pivot

soon we will announce the names of the guests and the dates of the 4 weekends…STAY TUNED!!

D4 it’s the new international Daf (dance art faculty) project from February 2020.
D4 is for a selected number of students from Italy and abroad that are going to work with the guests of four excellences of the international contemporary dance.
D4 is a deepening process with artists who lived and interpreted their creations in 4 different nations and they expressed them in a unique and recognizable code all over the world.
4 different cultures, 4 different philosophies for a strong, a really precise and honest thought.
The participation and the acceptability of your application for this project it will be valuated also by the viewing of the material video that the candidate must send by email