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Audition 2021/2020 – June 13th

Audition 2021/2020 – June 13th

DAF Audition 2021/22 - June 13th

DAF International Training Program / NEXT Post Graduate Program

Daf has created in Italy a unique professional training program and a deep education of the dancer recognized by artists, choreographers and directors all over the world as one of the most concrete possibilities for the future artist and dancer.

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PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM An avant-garde training program and analytical study on the orientations, currents and styles of contemporary dance and choreography in the international arena, a daily training in classical dance and original works created every month by guest artists from all over the world.

DAF NEXT One of the most advanced post graduate programs internationally , a path developed through a staging of 6 original works created by 6 different choreographers. The experience as close as possible to the real life of a professional within his daily professional experience in the theater or in company.

A constantly evolving program, where the mental and psychological aspects linked to “making decisions” are closely related to a work system that explores the possibilities of feeling and transmitting one’s contemporaneity.

An international network of artists at the disposal of the young dancer’s curiosity and need for discovery.

A growing range of national and international collaborations with institutes, cultural organizations, theaters and professional companies to complete a concrete and functional path to the world of work and also, as we believe necessary in this era, to help and promote the desire of a freelance artist to continue to discover and nurture his own human and artistic expectations and to be able to give more value to his time.