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APRIL 28Th 2019

The selections are free and we will take into consideration only the requests received through the sending of education CV to the e-mail address info@danceartsfaculty.it, with personal data, dance experience, and half-figure photos.

INFOLINE:+39 393 9162871

Next is a Daf project that redefines the standards of the artist’s educational and training process and redesigns the concept of a Post Graduate program for dancers preparing for the auditions, structuring a path that is currently unique in the world.

It is aimed exclusively at dancers and students who have already completed a professional development project.

The admission to the Next course, regardless of the previously carried out study plan, the degree of effective capacity and maturation of the candidate will be evaluated by means of a hearing.

After 10 years of activity, in a consolidated process of relationships and collaborations with artists, directors and companies in the professional dance world and after having led many of our students to their careers, the DAF rewrites and reformulates again an idea, a new form and a substance for a path for future professionals.

Next, through a dedicated class, will offer the opportunity to work on a specific program aimed at deepening choreographic techniques and languages through the creation of six original works outlined in each season, six première created exclusively for students admitted to NEXT, staged in evening performances organized monthly in the “DAF Performance Series” context.

Through this path, the student will travel in a progressive expansion of being on stage, will be part of the construction of a choreographic repertoire that will see the preparation of these six works, then a specific and in-depth knowledge of six languages of six different artists.

The construction of this choreographic repertoire is obviously completed by the normal work plan and daily study of classical and contemporary technique lessons and will see the conclusion of the last two months of the season to the preparation and staging of the new creations in front of an International Commission, a moment of opportunity and concrete possibilities for one’s professional career.

The advantages of Next are clear for all those students who want to concretely interpret the need of the current dance system, where the international market requires companies and performers increasingly able to communicate a real mastery of their own physical, emotional and mental instrument. Next offers at the same time the possibility for dancers close to the professional career to be observed throughout the year, to be known by a growing number of directors and choreographers who animate the DAF world. ]

This is a list, that we constantly update, of the companies and theatres with which it has been realized for years a selection of students of our professional training program.
Active collaboration with some realities of the European scene created for our students, in order to facilitate the beginning of their professional career:

-Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Italy)
-Malandain Ballet Biarritz (France)
-Gaertnerplatztheater (Germany)
-Proartedanza (Canada)
-Thomas Noone Dance (Barcelona)
-Company Chameleon (England)
-Teatro di Trier (Germany)
-420people Dance Company (Czech Republic)

Some of the extraordinary guests who collaborate for the DAF professional project:

ADRIANA POUS (Dantzaz) ADI SALANT(Freelance Artist) ALEX KETLEY (The Foundry) ALLAN FALIERI (Freelance Artist) ANA MARIA LOCACIU (Freelance Artist) ANTHONY MISSEN (Company Chameleon) ARTEMIS GORDON (Dance Umbrella) CAROLINE FINN (National Dance Company Wales) CHRISTINE JOY ALPUERTO (Freelance Artist)CHRISTOPHER ROMAN (Dance On) DARREL TOULON (Freelance Artist) DIDY VIELDMAN (Freelance Choreografer) DOR MARMALIA (Zibbutz Dance Company) EDUARDO ANDRES ZUNIGA (Freelance Artist) EDWARD CLUG (Ballet Maribor) EMANUEL GAT (Emanuel Gat Dance) EMANUELE SOAVI (Freelance Artist) FRANCESCA FRASSINELLI (Freelance Choreographer) GAEL DOMENGER (Freelance Choreographer) GEORG REISCHL (Freelance Choreographer) GUSTAVO RAMIREZ SANSANO (Freelance Choreographer) HEIDI VIERTHALER (Freelance Artist) HILLEL KOGAN (Batsheva Ensemble) MAURO ASTOLFI (Spellbound Contemporary Ballet) IVGI&GREVEN (Freelance Artists) IRATXE ANSA (Freelance Choreographer) IVAN TRUOL (Compagnia Atacama) LUCA SIGNORETTI (Freelance Artist) KARL ALFRED SCHREINER (Staatstheater am Gartnerplatz) KEREN ROSENBERG (Freelance Artist) LEO LERUS (Freelance Artist) LINDSEY TELFORD (Freelance Choreographer) LORENA NOGAL NAVARRO (Freelance Artist) LOTTE SIGH (Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School/Royal Danish Ballet) LUKAS TIMULAK (Freelance Choreographer) JOERI ALEXANDER DUBB (Freelance Choreographer) MARCO CANTALUPO (Linga Company) MARCOS MARAU (La Veronal) MARINA MASCARELL (Freelance Choreographer) NAOMI PERLOV (Maslool Bikurei Hai Tim Arts Center) NATALIA HORECNA (Freelance Choreographer) NOA GELBER (Freelance Artist) ( NOA WEIRTHEIM (Vertigo Dance Company) RINA WEIRTHEIM (Vertigo Dance Company) ROBERT KARLSSON (Norrdans) RODERICK GOERGE (Freelance Choreographer) ROSER LOPEZ ESPINOSA (Choreographer/Performer) SAGI AMIR GROS (Freelance Artist) SANDRA MARIN GARCIA (Freelance Artist) SARA ANGIUS (Freelance Artist) SHIRLEY ESSEBOOM (Freelance Artist) SHUMPEI NEMOTO (Freelance Choreographer) THOMAS NOONE (Thomas Noone Dance) VAKLAV KUNES (420PEOPLE) VLADIMIR VARNAVA (Freelance Choreographer) XANTE VAN OPSTAL (Freelance Artist) ]