Performing Arts, Cinema and New Media





Performing Arts, Cinema and New Media is the department dedicated to the acting training of the young performer, through the practical theoretical study of the techniques and expressive modules typical of stage and screen acting. Education of the vocal instrument (breathing, education of the voice, diction, singing), expressive techniques of the body (Art Comedy, biomechanics, scenic combat, historical fencing), up to the acting on the microphone and in front of the camera: a wide field of applications that reaches the latest frontiers of technology in its impact with the Stage Arts and the Tale by Images, a path focused on the construction of the modern actor, in his role of eternal witness between past and future.

Moreover, also through seminars, conferences, exhibitions and dedicated film festivals, the Department stands as a meeting place, communication and exchange with similar Italian and international training realities, a point of reference within the DAF for the development of those skills that identify the contemporary interpreter in its entirety: actor as “the one who acts”.