Live performance


The great attention to the study and the absorption of the choreographic experience in its different languages ​​is furthermore fostered by the possibility for students to be able to transform in real time the material learned in creative workshops thanks to the polyvalent structure of the Center that allows to periodically host performances and open trials in adequately equipped spaces. The educational path thus shortens the time from theoretical elaboration to practical representation, stimulating learning but also awareness of the artistic creation process.

And it is the contemporaneity, in the methods as well as in the contents that underlies the philosophy that nourishes the global objectives of the Center, designed as a global stimulating pole to the creative solicitation of the dancer through the daily confrontation with professionalism of different stylistic and geographical extractions. . This osmotic relationship with the professional world starts from the basic binomial with Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, a company based in the Daf studies. Its artistic content and part of the repertoire are thus made available in teaching alongside the related experiences and professional relationships to thoroughly qualify the tools available to students.